2010 Year In Review: Destin-Santa Rosa Beach Fl Real Estate


2010 has certainly been a year of ups and downs.  Our company started the first quarter of 2010 tracking on a great pace compared to 2009.  Then in April the news of oil in the gulf slammed the brakes on for a bit.  But I am more than happy to report that the last quarter of 2010 has been very active and gives us great optimism heading into 2011.  I think when we look back on 2010, it will definitely be viewed as the “year of the buyer” for many in terms of the values they were able to obtain.

For fun and to satisfy curiousity, I decided to include the High and Low sales for the gulf front in 2010.  Our market is pushed by the attaction of the Gulf and 2010 was no different.  Below you will find a $4 Million dollar condo sale, $7m gulf front home sale, and a $90k gulf front condo.  I also included the Bay front activity.

I hope you all enjoy celebrating the New Year and I look forward to helping you in 2011.  Enjoy the sales below!

Destin HIGH Single Family Sale-Gulf Front

Destin LOW Single Family Sale-Gulf Front

Destin HIGH Condo Sale-Gulf Front

Destin LOW Condo Sale-Gulf Front

30A HIGH Single Family Sale-Gulf Front

30A LOW Single Family Sale-Gulf Front

30A HIGH Condo Sale-Gulf Front

30A LOW Condo Sale-Gulf Front

HIGH Gulf Front Lot-Sold

LOW Gulf Front Lot-Sold

HIGH Bay Front Sale

LOW Bay Front Sale

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