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“Casey, it seems like there is a lot of new construction out there?”  This line is probably the most common I hear from visitors recently.  It really has been the case over the last 18 months, but now with the new developments continuing to grow, the roof tops continue to pile up.  The really nice thing is that there is truly a cross section of opportunities as all price points.  From $6m gulf front to $285,000 residential communities.  This also speaks to the areas growth and sudden influx of full time living.  I continually meet more and more people who are relocating to our area well ahead of retirement because technology, and now better flight options are allowing them to do so.

While there is a lot of inventory in the links below, don’t think that it necessarily provides a reason to “wait”.  Communities like Watersound West Beach have proven for developers that they can successfully increase price points in each phase of development for similar products.  Now that this is a proven model….expect it across the board going forward.  So like most opportunities in this area right now…..the best time is now…..and may soon become yesterday.

Current Inventory: 39 Homes
Avg. List Price: 
Current AvailabilityCLICK HERE!

Current Inventory: 133 Homes
Avg. List Price: $983,735

Current AvailabilityCLICK HERE!
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