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Investors Corner

I decided to provide you with the “year end report” a little early in hopes of giving a final look at the available inventory to take advantage before year end.  In doing this, something really jumped off the page to me below.  I was honestly shocked how close the sales numbers for total foreclosures are for both 2013 and 2014.  The impression in the market is that the foreclosures faded away this year in comparison to the rush of last…but the numbers speak differently.  I can speak with confidence that the number of buyers ready for these properties grew over last….but the story is that we are on an amazing pace to finish very very close.

Year end is a fun time for everyone and a time we look to clean out the old and make way for the new…..this counts for banks as well.  So if you’ve had your eye on something fun… may not be a waste of time to check their temperature.   Check out some fun links below and see if anything is a fit.

# Properties Sold in 2013: 138
# Properties Sold in 2014: 132
Most Expensive Home Sold:  $1,700,000
Most Expensive Condo Sold:$769,000
Most Expensive Lot Sold: $517,999
Most Inexpensive Property Sold:$47,000
Available Gulf Front: CLICK HERE
Available Bay Front: CLICK HERE
All Foreclosures: CLICK HERE


# Properties Sold in 2013: 73
# Properties Sold in 2014: 72 
Most Expensive Home Sold:$3,500,000
Most Expensive Condo Sold:$1,205,000
Most Expensive Lot Sold: $955,000
Most Inexpensive Property Sold:$70,000
Available Gulf Front: NO INVENTORY

Available Bay Front: CLICK HERE
All Foreclosures: CLICK HERE
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